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    How one state is fighting food waste

    (BPT) - Up to 40 percent of food grown, processed and transported in the United States is never eaten, yet one in eight Americans suffers food insecurity. The average four-person family wastes $1,500 a year on food.

  • Money And Finance

    Life Insurance: What Everyone Needs to Know

    (StatePoint) No matter if you’re single or married, in your twenties or your forties, a parent or not, life insurance coverage is important in ways you may not realize, and costs less than you’d expect. And experts now stress that employer-sponsored coverage typically isn’t sufficient to cover most people’s needs.

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    Teaching kids about money management at any age and every age

    (BPT) - As a parent you understand the importance of successful money management firsthand. Every bill must be accounted for and budget balanced. It’s the only way you can manage your household and save for those bigger events in life. Your kids, on the other hand? They are not quite so money savvy and you’d like to change that. After all, smart money management will help them throughout their entire lives. So how do you teach these skills to your kids?