Details for City of Boiling Spring Lakes • REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Dams Construction/Reconstruction Project

City of Boiling Spring Lakes



The City of Boiling Spring Lakes (City) is the Owner of Sanford Dam, North Lake Dam, Pine Lake Dam,
and Upper Lake Dam, and is planning to solicit bids for furnishing and installing all materials, labor, tools, and equipment
for the construction work necessary for the construction of the
Boiling Spring Lakes Dams Construction/Reconstruction Project (Project). This Project will be bid as a single prime contract
in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS).
The City intends to start construction in summer of 2021.
The City is requiring that prospective contractors interested in
bidding on the Project submit to the City an Application for
Prequalification (Application) which demonstrates the contractor’s capabilities, capacity, and experience in completing
construction work of similar nature, scale, and complexity. The
submitted Application from each contractor (Applicant) will be
used by the City to determine eligibility to bid based on the
contractor’s financial ability, organization, ownership, and experience and past performance.
Applications and requests for clarification (RFCs) related to
this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall be received by the
Prequalification Representative below by 2:00 PM on the respective due dates listed in the Prequalification Schedule below. Applications received after this time will be considered
nonresponsive and will not be opened. Only printed Applications will be accepted – no fax or email copies will be considered. Requests for clarifications can be sent via email.
Prequalification Representative
Jeffrey E. Repp, City Manager
City of Boiling Spring Lakes
9 E. Boiling Spring Road
Southport, NC 28461
Link to RFQ Documents:
Prequalification Schedule
RFQ Issue Date
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Due Date for Requests
Wednesday October 28, 2020
for Clarification (RFCs)
Responses to RFCs Issued
Wednesday November 11, 2020
Due Date for Applications
Friday December 18, 2020
Responses to Applications Issued Friday January 22, 2021
The prequalification of an Applicant shall not constitute a determination that the Applicant will be deemed a responsive or
a responsible bidder.
Mr. Jeffrey E. Repp
City Manager