Candidates for the spring 2020 primary election finished filing Friday and local voters face a full slate, from U.S. President to county-level boards of commissioners and education.

Unaffiliated voters may select which party’s ballot to use in the primary. Should there be a runoff, unaffiliated voters may not switch their party selection in the subsequent vote. Party affiliation, if any, does not matter in the November 2020 general election.

The deadline to reside in Brunswick County to vote in the primary is February 2, 2020, and the deadline to register or switch parties is February 7.

The local candidates who will appear on ballots are:

• U.S. House District 7 – David Rouzer (R) filed, Pete D’Abrosca (R) filed and cancelled

• State Senate District 8 – Bill Rabon (R), David Sink (D), Anthony Mascolo (L), Ethan Bickley (L)

• State House District 17 – Tom Simmons (D), Frank Iler (R)

• State House District 19 – David Perry (R), Charlie Miller (R), James Dawkins Jr. (D), Marcia Morgan (D)

• District Court Judge 13th Seat 3 – Pauline Hankins (R)

• District Court Judge 13th Seat 6 – Jason Disbrow (R)

• Brunswick County Board of Commissioners District 3 – Bill Flythe (D), Pat Sykes (R), Jeff Winecoff (R)

• Brunswick County Board of Commissioner District 4 – Mike Forte (R)

• Brunswick County Board of Commissioners District 5 – Frank Williams (R)

• Brunswick County Board of Education District 1 – Ed Lemon (R)

• Brunswick County Board of Education District 2 – Catherine Cooke (R), David M. Robinson (R), Sherrill Jolly (D)

• Brunswick County Board of Education District 4 – Steven Barger (R), Ellen Milligan (R), Shirley Babson (R)

• Brunswick County Register of Deeds – Brenda Mercer Clemmons (R)

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 3, 2020. One-stop absentee voting will be February 13-29 and the last day to request a mail-in absentee ballot is February 25.