Two area mayors have chosen not to seek re-election and another faces a challenger as filing for most municipal offices closed Friday. The exceptions are Southport and Navassa, where filing for the November 2 general election starts Monday, July 26, and closes Friday, August 13.

Two incumbents – Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Craig Caster and Bald Head Island Mayor Andy Sayre – did not file for re-election. In Oak Island, incumbent Mayor Ken Thomas faces a challenge from newcomer Liz White.

Navassa and Southport have residential districts for candidates which, in theory, could be affected by the census, but that is not the case this go-round.

In Southport, the terms of Ward 1 aldermen Karen Mosteller and Marc Spencer are up, as well as the post of mayor held by Dr. Joe Pat Hatem, and Ward 2 alderman Lora Sharkey.

In St. James, there are three councilor seats open for election, which are four-year terms. The mayor is not elected by voters but by the council from among its membership at the first organizational meeting after the biennial election and serves a two-year term. Current Mayor Jean Toner’s seat isn’t up for election until 2023.

Absentee ballots are available for the election beginning Friday, October 1. The deadline to establish residency is Sunday, October 3. Voters who want to participate must register to vote by Friday, October 8, with the Brunswick County Board of Elections office.

For more information, visit online at or call 910-253-2620. The office is open Monday through

See Candidates, page 6A

Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Local candidate filings:

Bald Head Island Mayor:

Lou Ann Earnhardt

Peter Quinn (incumbent member of council)

Bald Head Island Village Council:

(Two seats open)

Robert Drumheller

Scott Gardner (incumbent)

Emily Hill (incumbent)

Nathan McBrayer

Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor:

Tom Guzulaitus (commissioner)

Jeff Winecoff

Boiling Spring Lakes Commissioner:

(Two seats open)

Bill Clark (incumbent)

David Mammay

Eric Maynes

Kimberly Sherwood

Caswell Beach Commissioner:

(Two seats open)

George Kassler (incumbent)

Sharon Remaly

Oak Island Mayor:

Ken Thomas (incumbent)

Liz White

Oak Island Town Council:

(Two seats open)

John Bach (incumbent)

Charles Farley

Mark Martin

Lynn McDowell

Loman Scott (incumbent)

Oak Island Town Council:

(Unexpired term)

Bill Craft

Charles “Red” McWells

St. James Town Council:

(Three seats open)

Dennis Barclay (incumbent)

Jim Board

David DeLong (incumbent)

David Morgan

Jeff Mount (incumbent)

Southeast Brunswick Sanitary

District Commissioner:

(Three seats open)

Ed Burnett (incumbent)

Bob Lloyd (incumbent)

Bob Smith (incumbent)

Dosher Hospital Board of Trustees:

(Two seats open)

Randy Jones (incumbent)

Linda Pukenas (incumbent)