The Boiling Spring Lakes Planning Board unanimously approved on Nov. 12 a site plan to construct an office building on the northeast corner of N.C. Highway 87 and Fifty Lakes Drive.

Chairman Bill Clark, first alternate Sharon Zakszeski and board members William Sraver Jr., Jeremy Sexton and Lucille Launderville approved the site plan contingent upon these four items: it includes a landscape plan in compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance, it complies with outdoor lighting requirements as specified in the UDO, it shows the location of a secure bicycle rack and off-street loading space, and it shows accordance with sidewalk requirements.

Shiloh Holdings LLC and Meek Earth Holdings LLC submitted the site plan application to construct an office building on the northeast corner of N.C. Highway 87 and Fifty Lakes Drive, parcel number No. 173AB006. This is in the C-1 commercial mixed-use district. Office complexes are permitted by right in this zoning district, with no supplemental regulation.

The property is 20.57 acres and the project proposal is 6,646 square feet of a two-story office building. Because this project proposes disturbance of greater than one acre, it is classified as a major site plan, which required approval by the planning board.

During discussion, it was noted that a possible future tenant is a restaurant.

Clark asked Candice Alexander, “Is a restaurant going to be there?”

“I hope so,” she said. “The building is designed so that it could allow for it (a restaurant). It’s really us getting a tenant there. So if we can get a tenant there, we would like to. It’s set up so that it could have a drive-through window.”

Alexander also talked about the site.

“In the future,” she said, “we want to do a complete site development of that 20-acre parcel. We’re trying to lay it out where, hopefully, there will maybe be a grocery store in there at some time. But we’re just starting with that first parcel right now. So at some point there may be a complete development plan for that whole 20-acre site.”

Rezoning denied

Two residents requested to rezone parcel 1720000217 from R-2 residential to R-6 residential. The property in question is at the southern terminals of Virginia Road. The parcel as indicated on a recorded survey in 2015 was originally a total of 29.88 acres. It was later subdivided into two parcels, which are under the ownership of Susan Ansari and Nicholas Robb. The applicants constructed a single-family residence on the 3.73-acre parcel and are requesting to rezone the second parcel, which is 26.15 acres, from R-2 residential to R-6 residential to allow for the keeping of farm animals. The keeping of farm animals is not currently a permitted use in the R-2 residential zoning district.

In their request, the applicants wrote that they “have three to four goats and possibly one or two horses. Future land use map shows this site as residential and this will keep it that way. Rezoning to R-6 reduces density of future development. This also helps to preserve nesting and foraging for woodpeckers. Property abuts another 18-acre parcel that is zoned R-6. Property abuts land owned by the state of North Carolina, the city of Boiling Spring Lakes and the Nature Conservancy.”

During discussion it was noted that these are the permissible uses in R-6: Single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes, farm animals, farm buildings, kindergarten/nursery schools, animal shelters, agricultural uses and freestanding wireless telecommunication facilities.

In a motion to approve the rezoning, Sraver and Sexton voted approval; Clark, Zakszeski and Launderville voted disapproval.