Plans for the Arby’s at Southport Crossings were approved Thursday night at the city planning board meeting.

The 2,599-square-foot restaurant will be located on a 1.13-acre outparcel next to the CVS on Southport-Supply Road and will have 36 parking spots, including two handicap spaces.

A review committee for the project recommended approval on the condition the architect add landscaping to the perimeter.

Osprey Landing

The board postponed a public hearing on a 196-unit housing development because of the “complexity” of the project and the city planner’s absence due to surgery, explained Chairman Tish Hatem.

Osprey Landing by Bill Clark Homes would be built on 68 acres off Robert Ruark Drive.

Consideration of the item and the public hearing were moved to the January 16 regular meeting.

Per the unified development ordinance, the planning board has 60 days to reach a decision once a project is first considered. The window will now start on January 16.

Mike Nichols of Paramounte Engineering asked if the board could proceed with forming a review committee which would likely speed up the approval process. Typically, the board appoints a subcommittee upon first consideration, then takes action the following month based on the subcommittee’s recommendation. Hatem said the board could not do so that night.

Several homeowners whose properties back the land exited the meeting after the board delayed the hearing and then gathered on the Indian Trail Meeting Hall porch to ask the architect and development manager about buffers, trees, wildlife and drainage.

“We try to take everybody around us into account and make a concerted effort to get everybody as satisfied as possible,” Landon Weaver of Bill Clark Homes told the group. “Let’s face it. It’s been there. If you could choose, you probably wouldn’t want anybody back there, but if you’re going to have somebody back there we hope that it’s nice and you know that it’s us. We’re a local builder.”

Nichols explained there are more trees, shrubs and other vegetation than pictured in the design.

If built as planned, Osprey Landing by Bill Clark Homes would have 2.88 units per acre. It would include an amenity center, a pool, community mailboxes and 10.2 acres of open green space, equal to 15% of the development.

There has to be a completed traffic impact analysis as part of the approval. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is reviewing the plans and will provide the city feedback on the site access point, and whether Robert Ruark Drive and the intersection can handle the improvements.