Races have developed for most municipal offices up for election in November. The filing period closed Friday.

One-stop, absentee voting runs from October 16-November 1. The deadline to register to vote is October 11.


Southport voters will elect a mayor and three aldermen this fall, including a rematch.

Incumbent Mayor Jerry Dove has filed, as has his opponent from the previous election, Dr. Joe Pat Hatem.

Dove’s seat is open for a two-year term. Voters will also fill two Ward 2 aldermen seats and one Ward 1 alderman seat for four-year terms.

In Ward 1, incumber Robert Tucker has filed for re-election. He faces David Miller and Tom Lombardi.

In Ward 2, Jim Powell and Rick Pukenas have filed for re-election. They face challengers Nelson Adams, John Allen, Lowe Davis and Eric King.

Seats held by aldermen Marc Spencer, Karen Mosteller and Lora Sharkey are not up for election until 2021. 

Bald Head Island

Village voters will elect three council members. An ordinance approved in 2018 will stagger the terms. It sets the term length for the two top vote-getters in this election at four years while third place will get a two-year term.

Starting with the 2021 election, the mayor and two council members will be elected to four-year terms. In the 2023 election, two council members will receive four-year terms.

Council seats open this fall are those held by Kit Adcock, John May and John Pitera.

Adcock filed for re-election. Other candidates in the race are Joe Brawner, Michael T. Brown, John Fisher, Dan McConnell, Claude Pope and Peter Quinn.

Seats held by Mayor Andy Sayre and council member Betsi Stephen are not up for election until 2021.

Boiling Spring Lakes

Voters will elect a mayor and two commissioners this fall.

Mayor Craig Caster’s seat is open for a two-year term. Two commissioner seats open are held by Dana Witt and Mark Stewart. They are four-year terms.

Caster, Tim Fulmer and Eric Maynes have filed for mayor.

Dana Witt has filed for re-election. Other candidates are Phil Casper, Tom Guzulaitis, Tegan Perry Hall and Ernie Sirani

Seats held by commissioners Guy Auger and Steven Barger are not up for election until 2021.

Caswell Beach

Voters in Caswell Beach will elect a mayor and three town commissioners this fall, all to four-year terms. Seats held by Mayor Deborah Ahlers and commissioners Lucian (Skip) Jones, Martyn Clarke and Dan O’Neill are open.

Incumbents Ahlers, Clarke and O’Neill have filed for re-election. The other candidate is Ken Hudson.

Seats held by commissioners Marti Hardy and George Kassler are not up for election until 2021.

Oak Island

Voters will elect a mayor to a two-year term and three town councilors to four-year terms. Starting with the 2021 election, the mayor’s term will switch to four years.

Ken Thomas is challenging incumbent Cin Brochure for mayor.

Councilor seats open this fall are held by Sheila Mansfield Bell, Charlie Blalock and Jeff Winecoff.

Winecoff, Bell and Blalock have filed for re-election. Also running are Mike Defeo, Dara Royal and Niki Cutler.

Seats held by councilors John Bach and Loman Scott are not up for election until 2021.

St. James

Two councilor seats are up for election this fall, both to four-year terms. The mayor is not elected by the voters but by the council from among its membership at the first organizational meeting after the election and will serve a two-year term.

Jean Toner now serves as mayor and that council seat is open, along with the council seat held by Don Lund.

Toner and Jean Dutney have filed for council.

Seats held by council members David DeLong, Wayne Deutscher and Jeff Mount are not up for election until 2021.

Southeast Brunswick Sanitary District

Voters will elect two commissioners to four-year terms in the Southeast Brunswick Sanitary District. Seats held by Gordon Corlew and Peter Goewey are open this fall. Both have filed for re-election

Three commissioners seats won’t be open until 2021. They are held by Robert (Bob) Smith, Fran Pagliaro and Bob Lloyd.

Dosher Hospital Trustees

Voters will elect four members to the Dosher Hospital Board of Trustees this fall.

Seats open are held by trustees Robert Howard, Debra Wood, Sherri Marshall and Linda Pukenas.

Wood, Howard, Pukenas have filed to run, as have Joe Agovino, Jwantana Frink and Karen Wood.

Howard was appointed in 2017 to a vacant seat after the resignation of Dr. Robert Zukoski and is serving the remainder of that term. Wood was elected in 2017 to fill an unexpired term. That seat is now up for a full six-year term.

Pukenas was appointed in 2018 to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Jim White until the next election. This election will fill that seat for the remainder of White’s term or until 2021, when it will be up for a full six-year term.

Dates to remember

Voters should be aware of election deadlines so they are qualified to vote this fall. Residency deadline to vote in Brunswick County elections is Sunday, October 6.

Residents who have a question about registration or filing can call the Brunswick County Board of Elections office at 910-253-2620 or email elections@brunswickcountync.gov. Online information is also available at www.brunswickcountync.gov/elections.