In its meeting Aug. 6 at City Hall, the Boiling Spring Lakes Board of Commissioners was unable to agree on amending Section 6.2 Accessory Uses and Buildings of the Unified Development Ordinance regarding the location of accessory buildings, mechanical equipment and playsets.

The board voted 2-2 for amending Section 6.2. The 2-2 vote meant the proposal failed. Commissioner Guy Auger and Mayor Craig Caster were opposed to the amendment; commissioners Dana Witt and Steven Barger supported the amendment.

Most of the discussion was about paragraph E: “Playsets, freestanding or affixed to the ground, shall be permitted forward of the front line of the house but not within 15 feet of side and front property lines.”

Witt and Barger supported a revision of the distance, making it 20 feet instead of 15 feet. Auger wanted a specification of the area that a playset could cover, but no area was agreed upon. Caster was opposed to allowing playsets being permitted forward of the front line of the house.

Buying a backhoe

The board voted 3-1 to authorize city manager Jeff Repp to buy from Gregory Poole Equipment Co. a 2019 Caterpillar 420F2 backhoe loader in the amount of $124,005.60. Auger dissented. He asked Repp whether any city employees knew how to operate the backhoe. Repp said the city has four equipment operators.

Library commission

The board amended a provision of the library commission. The board may appoint two alternate members each for three-year terms.

Lake acquisition

The board approved buying land for the expansion of North Lake Park. Parks and Recreation Director Mary Green suggested buying lots on either side of the park, and those two lots’ owners are willing to sell, she wrote July 7 in a memo to the mayor and the board.

In the memo, Green wrote: “It is my professional recommendation that we purchase these two parcels at their tax value of $6,000 and also strive to obtain parcel 142PA00205 in the near future, which would allow the City to own all properties accessible from Lakeview Drive. ... By acquiring these parcels, the City of Boiling Spring Lakes has a great opportunity to use Lakeview Drive area as a flood resilient park area. ...”